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Our Latest Customer Experience Insights

2021 is the Year to Close the Engagement Capacity Gap

What a year it has been. Thinking back to last March, the first cases of Coronavirus were spreading, and the world collectively recognized that a global pandemic was well underway. Our executive team was days away from transitioning our global team of 6,000 to remote working, locking down travel, and activating plans to assist our customers in adapting and responding to the crisis.

Beyond Surveys: Finding the Right Balance Among Your Customer Feedback Sources

Whether you’re leading customer experience at a B2B or B2C company, I think you’d agree that 2020 certainly had an impact on customer feedback. This year’s unpredictable and unrelenting changes challenged us in every area of our customer experience program, particularly in customer feedback quantity and quality.

From VoC To Experience Management: Are We Creating More Engaging CX?

For decades, we’ve been collecting customer feedback through various forms of surveys such as email and text, live and automated phone surveys, even the suggestion box. However, today those channels are not enough to provide the rich data needed to make an accurate, positive change that will improve customer experience.

Communities: The Best Kept Self-Service Secret in Customer Experience

With today’s shifting landscape stemming from the global pandemic, you might be grappling with identifying and implementing solutions to help your customers find the information they need – when they need it – in a single location. However, you may be surprised to find that you already have the solution in the form of your online community.

Quantifying customer experience programs into dollars and sense (or how I got my honorary finance degree)

Conversations around CX are generally on the emotional state of the customer and their relationship with the company. But how can this be quantified? Nancy Porte, Verint’s VP of Global Customer Experience, tells you how.

5 Ways to Improve Internal Communication With Remote Customer Service Teams

Internal communication is a priority for companies—but with remote work becoming the norm, the ways that teams keep in touch have changed.

To ensure that customer service teams are aligned with the direction of the company, you need to learn how to communicate strategy effectively. In this article, we share the best ways to improve internal communication with remote customer service teams.

Delivering CX: Lessons Learned from Verint’s First Virtual Conference

Like many organizations hosting onsite events this year, we were faced with making the difficult decision about whether to hold Engage, our annual customer and partner event in May, due to the onset of COVID-19. After careful consideration and prioritizing the safety of our customers and employees, the executive team decided to postpone the onsite conference scheduled in Dallas and provide a virtual event…

Verint Feature – The Makings of a World-Class Customer Experience Program

Customer Experience is no longer just a buzz word that companies can throw around. It has become a megatrend that demands a complete mindset shift in not only executive teams, but it also requires buy-in from the board in order to thrive.
On today’s show, Ryan Hollenbeck, CMO of Verint, joins us to discuss what market-leading companies do differently to prioritize CX programs. In Ryan’s first segment, he shares 3 critical steps to building a world-class customer experience program.



The Insights Revolution Will Help Deliver Exceptional Experiences

Think cloud computing was disruptive? That will pale in comparison to what’s coming next: the insights revolution. As technologies start to learn from our experiences, the entire human-computer relationship will flip. That’s the essence of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), and it’s groundbreaking for customer experience (CX).

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